Need a Document Translated from Your First Language? Have an Affidavit of Translation Made!

Especially if you are from another country, it’s likely that at some point you will need documents translated from another language. It may be for your immigration application, a marriage certificate for an insurance company, a letter from your home university or a number of other reasons.

Whatever the reason, be sure to have a good translation made, and have a notary public prepare an affidavit of translation for you.

Why do you need an affidavit of translation?

If you are using a translated document for official purposes, the government or organization will need to make sure that the translation is true, so they can rely on it to make a decision.

When this is the case, you have two choices. One is to go to a certified translator. The other is to have a a reliable, bilingual person translate the text, and then have that person sign an affidavit. There are several reasons why you might take the second option:

  • there is no certified translator available for your language
  • you or a friend are able to translate the text
  • it could save you money

Whatever the reason, it is of key importance that the translation be true and faithful to the original and that an affidavit of translation attests to this.

What makes a good translation?

A good translation is true to the information of the original. In English, it gives meaning and context exactly as it is. No information should be changed, altered or left out, even if it is incorrect, for example, or poses moral barriers for you or the translator. It must not “correct” the original in any way, only translate it.

If anyone other than a certified translator is doing this task, be sure that they understand this fact.

Besides the fact that the information will affect the process you are completing, the translator is legally responsible. When the notary public drafts the affidavit, the translator will swear that the English is true and correct to the best of his knowledge.

What should an affidavit of translation include?

The affidavit should include:

  • the date and place
  • the name of the translator
  • your name
  • the name of the document translated
  • the language from which it was translated
  • a statement (in the first person) that the translator declares the translation to be true
  • signature of the translator
  • signature and stamp of the notary public
  • original and translation attached (for the original, you should use a certified true copy)

Once you have the translation ready, contact us at Golden Notary. We will prepare the affidavit for you, ensuring that it includes all the necessary information in the correct format.

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