Contact an Embassy or Consulate?

Maybe you’re new to Canada or maybe you’re going to be travelling abroad to get to know other countries. In either case, you’ll need to know where the embassies and consulates are for the right countries. To make this easier for you, we’ve gone to the trouble of putting together an exhaustive list of embassies and consulates.

Often phone numbers are buried in countless pages within an embassy’s website and most countries even have a number of different sites based on what service you need. With numerous contacts and numbers, it’s often confusing to find the right one, even after finding the right website.

Our easy-to-use reference list puts the information you need at your fingertips. This saves you the trouble of searching online for the right phone number or location.

List of Embassies

We offer you a fairly exhaustive list of the most common embassies and consulates from countries around the world, including:


South Africa – High Commission of South Africa in Ottawa
Nigeria – Nigerian Consulate in Ottawa
Kenya – Consulate of the Republic of Kenya in Ottawa
Egypt – Embassy of Egypt in Ottawa
Congo Embassy of the Republic of Congo in Ottawa
Ivory Coast – Embassy of Cote D’Ivoire in Ottawa
Morocco – Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ottawa
Libya – Embassy of Libya in Ottawa
Algeria – Embassy of Algeria in Ottawa


North America

US – U.S. Embassy in Ottawa


Germany – Embassy of Germany in Ottawa
Portugal – Portuguese Consulate in Toronto
France – French Embassy in Ottawa
Spain – Embassy of Spain in Ottawa
Italy – Embassy of Italy in Ottawa
Ukraine – Embassy of Ukraine in Ottawa
United Kingdom – British High Commission in Ottawa, Canada
Poland – Embassy of Poland in Ottawa
Russia – Embassy of Russia in Ottawa


India – Indian Consulate in Toronto
Pakistan – Pakistani Consulate in Ottawa
Taiwan – Taiwanese Embassy in Ottawa
Japan – Embassy of Japan in Ottawa
Thailand – Royal Thai Embassy in Ottawa
Vietnam – Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa
Australia – Australian Consulate General in Toronto
New Zealand – New Zealand Consulate in Toronto
Philippines – Embassy of the Philippines in Ottawa


Latin America & Caribbean

Brazil – Embassy of Brazil in Ottawa
Venezuela – Embassy of Venezuela in Ottawa
Colombia – Embassy of Colombia in Ottawa
Cuba – Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa
Mexico – Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa


…. See Full List with Addresses, Phone & Email

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