A Letter of Invitation is a Key Item in Bringing Your Family to Canada

At some time you might have family or friends come from another country to visit you. Visitors from some countries need to have a Temporary Resident Visa to enter the country.

For such a visa, your guests will need to have a notarized letter of invitation from you, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Note: Even though it’s called a “Temporary Resident Visa,” it is required from visitors, vacationers, etc.

What does the letter of invitation need to say?

The letter must invite your guests to visit, and show that you will take care of them when they are here. It needs to state:

  • that you are inviting them to visit you.
  • the reason for the stay.
  • how long they will stay, with dates.
    where they will stay.
  • how they will meet their needs.

For the visa, they will have to show that they have their own funds. But the government also wants to know that you can take care of their basic needs. This is in case anything happens to their access to funds while they are here.

You will need to include details about your life in Canada.

Other items that must be included are:

  • your address and phone number
  • your status in Canada (citizen or permanent resident)
  • your job
  • details about your family (names and birth dates of spouse, children)
  • number of people in your home

You will also need to prove your status in Canada. Be sure to send certified true copies instead of originals!

For your guests, the letter should state:

  • their full names and address
  • their relation to you

Be sure to notarize the letter!

To show that the letter was signed by a Canadian, the you must notarize it. This ensures that the letter is not forged and helps improve border security. A notary public can also review the letter with you to check that you’ve included the right details.

An invitation does not mean they will get a visa!

Remember that the invitation does not mean your guest will get a visa. Officials decide each case on a variety of factors. However, if they do not have a letter of invitation, it could cause the visa to be rejected or delayed when it otherwise may have been approved.

It is a simple step to take care of. You wouldn’t want your family or friends’ visit to be delayed just because of this!

If you’ve written a letter already, contact us at Golden Notary to have it notarized. If you’re not sure about writing it, get in touch and we can help you out.

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