Notarized Letters – When Do You Need One?

Previously I wrote about the importance of having a notarized letter of consent to travel when your child travels without you. However, the same concept applies to just about any letter written that holds legal or official weight. In all cases you should:

  • be very clear in your intentions, with details and dates
  • write in the correct style with suitable vocabulary
  • have the letter notarized

Let’s look at some of the reasons you may need such a letter. Then we will see how you go about preparing it.

For what reasons would you need a notarized letter?

Sometimes, you may need someone to carry out financial transactions for you, such as:

  • deposits
  • withdrawals
  • payments
  • signatures
  • etc.

For example, you may be out of the country. It’s a must for you to have a notarized letter authorizing this person to do carry out these tasks. The letter should indicate what transactions the person may carry out, which account they may use, etc. It should also specify dates.

A notarized letter could also:

  • authorize someone to act on your behalf in medical matters
  • grant party rights to your property
  • dispute a bank transaction
  • give guardianship of your child to a friend or relative
Why does the letter need to be notarized?

When a notary public stamps the letter, it means that:

  • he witnessed and confirmed your signature
  • he confirmed your identity
  • he was sure you signed willingly
  • he reviewed each point in the letter with you
    Each of these steps helps to ensure that the letter says what you want it to and that it was really you who wrote it. The notary will also help identify items such as dates or details if they are not clear.
How do you prepare one?

You have the option of writing a letter and then taking it to a notary public to be notarized. The letter should be clear, giving all important details in an unambiguous manner. It should also be in the first person.

On the other hand, an easier option is for you to visit a notary before writing the letter. Let him know what you need the letter for and have him prepare it. He would ask you the questions necessary and ensure that it was written in a suitable style, with all details clearly stated.

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