Certifying True Copies

In some situations, photocopies of official documents must be obtained and used. Our Public Notaries can photocopy the document and certify it as being a true and genuine copy of the original. This is done by including signatures, a seal, and a statement. Documents that often require certifications include, but are not limited to: university and college degrees, passports, birth/marriage certificates, and other personal papers. Follows are descriptions of a sample of our services.

Educational Degrees & Educational Documents

Authenticating and certifying educational degrees and documents, such as transcripts, is a process that is crucial for verifying degrees and eligibility in certain circumstances. The process requires that identity is verified, that original documents are verified and that true copies are made, verified and authenticated through our notarization process.

Birth / Marriage Certificates

For a variety of reasons a birth or a marriage certificate must be notarized. To do so, an original birth or marriage certificate must be provided. In the case that these require translation, an authentic translation must be provided, the translated copy must be verified and authenticated, and then notarization can be conducted.

Signature Authentication

Signature Authentication is required when the client wishes for the document to be valid in a different country. In order to authenticate a signature, the Ontario Government requires that a Notary Public certifies the signature to be valid and authentic with a seal and signature . The organization that requested the notarized document would be able to confirm whether or not you need a signature authentication.

Did you know?

Signature Authentication with the Most Reliable and Trustworthy Notaries Public

Notarization is a process that is performed by notaries public. It is a fraud- deterrent procedure that ensures that a document is trustworthy. One of the services a notary public provides is witnessing signatures. In other words the notary’s impartial screening of the signer to verify his or her identity as well as screening for willingness and awareness is where the central value of witnessing signatures lies.

Whether it’s a will, which deals with the distribution of one’s possessions and property; a deed which transfers ownership of real property and possessions between two people that are both living; or a trust that sets aside a certain amount of money to be used in a specific way, we can ensure that all the necessary legal procedures are followed precisely. Furthermore our trained professionals will go over the document with you to ensure that you fully understand it’s content and exactly what you are signing.

Why do I need to have someone witness me sign a document?

The process of notarization helps protect human rights and property. Furthermore it helps shield citizens from forgers and identity thieves. Everyday the process of notarization prevents a countless amount of incompetent or forged signings that
would otherwise overwhelm our court system and cause huge inconveniences for citizens. This is why important documents must be signed in front of a notary public.

What is Signature Authentication?

Signature authentication is usually required if the signer will be traveling to another country and wants the document to be valid there as well. The process of authentication is when the Ontario Government certifies that the seal and signature
of the notary public that appear on the notarized document are in fact valid and that the notary public is licensed in the province of Ontario. All of our notaries public are authorized in Ontario and are in the Ontario Government database, meaning that we also do signature authentication in Toronto.

How do I know if I Need Signature Authentication?

You can always check with the organization that has requested the notarized document whether you require an authentication of the notary’s signature or not.We provide one of the widest ranges of professional notary public services in Toronto, with years of experience and passionate staff we ensure to provide exclusively high quality services.