Letter of Invitation

Some foreign nationals interested in visiting Canada must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. A letter of invitation is required in order to do so. This letter is written to confirm that they are being invited by a Canadian Resident who will care for / support the individual(s) for the duration of their stay in Canada.

The Letters of Invitation are required to be notarized by a Notary Public.

The notarized letter must be presented along with their application and any other required documents to the Canadian consulate or embassy in their country in order to proceed with the application process. The Letter of invitation does not guarantee an individual a visitor’s visa, it is up to visa officers to assess applicants and determine their eligibility.

Quick and Reliable Notarization of Letters of Invitation

If you have someone close to you, whether it’s a family member or a friend applying for a visa to Canada, a letter of invitation should be made. Although it doesn’t guarantee that a visa will be issued, it will show the visa officers who assess the application that the person applying for the visa will be welcomed and taken care of while in Canada. Furthermore it will demonstrate support for the visitor’s trip, which can significantly increase the chance of the visitor receiving the visa.
However the visitor applying for the visa will only receive it if they met the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

When writing a letter of invitation, it must include the following information:

1) Person being invited
– complete name
– date of birth
– address
– phone number
– purpose of trio
– length of stay
– date the visitor intends to leave
– accommodation details

2) Person extending the invitation

– complete name
– date of birth
– address
– phone number
– occupation
– status (Canadian citizen or Permanent resident)
– total number of people residing in your household (as well as the names and dates of birth of all your dependants and your spouse)
– a photocopy of a document proving your status in Canada

If I write a Letter of Invitation Am I Responsible for the Visitor?

No, writing a letter of invitation does not make you legally responsible for the visitor during the period of their stay in Canada. However you should give truthful and accurate information in the letter as well as provide care and support to the visitor if it’s necessary.

Notarizing a Letter of Invitation

After writing a letter of invitation, before submitting it to the visa office it must be notarized by a notary public. This means that you must make an appointment with a notary public. You must arrive to the appointment in person with your UNSIGNED
letter of invitation. The notary public will then confirm your identity, willingness and awareness. After this you will sign the document in front of the notary public, who will then notarize the letter of invitation.

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